Our Philosophy:

Nutrition is 85% of the equation when it comes to getting fit and healthy. And we understand that every single member is unique, with various goals, backgrounds, and health concerns. Therefore, we offer health coaching services that focus on the bio-individuality of every member. We get to know you personally and help you become very clear about your priorities and goals that will last a lifetime and support the physical training you do at Shenandoah.Fit.

Shenandoah.Fit's Better Eating Guidelines:

1. Eat Whole Food.

2. Eat More Vegetables.

3. Drink Water.

4. Eat When You're Hungry, Stop When You're Satisfied.

Nutrition Management

One on One Health Coaching

No cost 30 minute consultation

Individual Sessions:

$75 an hour | $45 for half an hour

4 Session Jump Start Package:

Four 30 minute sessions (1 per week)

$160 - paid in full

6 Month Package:

Two 50 minute sessions per month

$130 a month or $700 paid in full

What's included?

1. Full Health Assessment

2. InBody Body Composition Scan at the start and end of 6 month package only

3. Assistance in MyFitnessPal

4. Meal Plans

5. Email Support

6. Recipes and resources tailored to your needs

To learn more about our Certified Health Coach, Lori Fountain Bales, click here to schedule your complimentary consultation with our Health Coach.